Assesing Our Clients' Issues and Formulating
The Right Solution

Bankruptcy & Debt Resolution


Bittiger Elias & Triolo is experienced in guiding clients through debt resolution both in and out of bankruptcy. We use the various Federal and State laws to create and implement an effective strategy that satisfies our clients’ needs in resolving all varieties of financial problems. We have applied this approach in various matters that include direct negotiation with creditors, foreclosure defense, mortgage modification, debt restructuring and bankruptcy. As the firm represents both debtors and creditors, we are experienced and capable of assessing our clients’ issues and formulating the right solution.

Bankruptcy can often be the solution to resolve your financial problems and give you a fresh start. We focus our practice in consumer bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. The Bankruptcy Code provides various options that can be instrumental in allowing you to rebuild your wealth, re-establish your credit or save your home. Each bankruptcy chapter presents its own benefits, drawbacks and challenges, therefore it is important that our clients are properly guided.

Financial and debt problems can cause significant stress and anxiety and hold you back from moving forward. Bittiger Elias & Triolo is here to help you overcome these problems.

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