Resolving Your Dispute in a Manner That Will Provide You With The Right Result

Civil Litigation


Bittiger Elias & Triolo understands that most litigations are won before the trial even begins. This understanding drives the exercise of the utmost diligence during the pleading and discovery process. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we consistently maneuver ourselves into positions of strength. Our unique blend of resources, knowledge, and experience enable us to resolve your dispute in a manner that will provide you with the right result.

While legal results are valued very highly at Bittiger Elias & Triolo, achieving those results efficiently is valued just as highly. We understand that a good result for our clients involves more than just “winning.” Our attorneys pride themselves in their ability to litigate efficiently through any dispute, and to provide clients with every opportunity to come out a real winner.

Litigation is a part of every area of the law and Bittiger Elias & Triolo has experience in each one. This extensive experience includes litigating in both state and federal courts in New Jersey and New York, the New Jersey Appellate Division and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In every type of litigation, it will always pay tremendous dividends to consult with one of our attorneys even before the action begins. Coming early could result in a great resolution without the court battle.

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