We Offer Our Clients A Wide-Range
Of Legal Services.

Practice Areas


Civil Litigation

Bittiger Elias & Triolo P.C. understands that more often than not litigation is won before the trial even begins.

Professional Practice Transitions

Bittiger Elias & Triolo represents numerous clients in the purchase or sale of professional practices, with a concentration in health care.

Family Law

Matrimonial law is often financially and emotionally complicated. Bittiger Elias & Triolo recognizes that matters such as divorce and child custody are never simple, and require the utmost attention ...

Commercial Law

Bittiger Elias & Triolo P.C. prides itself in its ability to provide its clients with professional services that cover all aspects of the commercial world.

Bankruptcy & Debt Resolution

Having represented both creditors and debtors through all facets of the Federal Bankruptcy process, Bittiger Elias & Triolo is uniquely suited to help our clients resolve their financial problems. ...

Banking & Creditors’ Rights

Bittiger Elias & Triolo plays an active role in the representation of local, regional, and state-wide lenders and creditors.

Construction Law

Unlike some other practice areas, construction law is extremely multifaceted and often incorporates concerns such as personal injury, property damage, bid disputes and public contracts.

Property Tax Appeals

The property tax system in New Jersey is designed so that each property is assessed based upon its fair market value.

Estate Planning & Probate

Although preparing for ones own death is an extremely personal process, taking the time to properly engage in estate planning is the best way to ensure that your loved ones are protected and provided for ...