Successfully Representing Our Clients From The Design Phase Through The Construction Phase

Construction Law


Unlike some other practice areas, construction law is extremely multifaceted and often implicates various other areas of the law, such as personal injury, property damage, bid disputes and public contracts. Bittiger Elias & Triolo has a wide array of knowledge concerning all aspects of the law, and can apply this knowledge to successfully represent clients from the design phase through the completion phase of a construction project.

While serving our clients, Bittiger Elias & Triolo has implemented a preventative law strategy, which seeks to ensure a construction project is completed in a timely fashion. A dispute that slows or stops the construction process creates both business and economic problems for contractors. For this reason, we feel it is imperative to be engaged in all aspects of the project process so we can prevent any problems that may arise.

Bittiger Elias & Triolo has experience and success handling:

Construction Contracts
Construction Litigation
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Surety Bonds & Construction Insurance
Mechanic’s Liens

Bittiger Elias & Triolo consistently provides clients with the best possible service to ensure projects stay on schedule, operate within budget, and run smoothly.

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